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As any other remote (phone or mail-order) purchase, all purchases on our website take place outside commercial premises. Therefore they are safeguarded by the Italian Legislative Decree n° 185 dated 22nd May 1999, which provides Consumers with the possibility of exerting the right to recede. Consumers can exert their right to recede within 14 calendar days of  goods receipt. This right consists both in the faculty of returning the  purchased good to the Merchant without any penalty and justification  and in the following refund of the purchase price.  
The right to recede is applicable to all individual persons acting for  private purposes without any reference to their professions. Therefore this right is not applicable to purchases carried out by retailers and companies.
In case of supply of items made to measure or clearly customized in addition to the options offered, the right to recede is not applicable.
In order to exert your right to recede you shall notify your decision in  written by dispatching a registered letter with advice of receipt to  CHEBIKE S. r. L., Via San Paolo 8 — 37129 Verona - Italy within the afore mentioned deadline, i.e. within  14 calendar days of goods receipt. Your communication can be dispatched within the same deadline also  by e-mail, provided that it is confirmed by a registered letter  with advice of receipt within the following 48 hours. This communication  shall include the codes of all products to be returned as well as  information on the terms for refunding the paid amount (money order,  bank transfer, etc.) and - if necessary - a bank code. Products subject to second thoughts shall be returned intact to the s ame address on the registered letter and to the charge of the Customer. Once we have received the goods and we have ascertained they  are intact, we will credit the price of the returned goods to the  Customer as soon as possible. If necessary we will withhold an  amount equal to shipping costs, which will be in any case charged to  the Customer.

What to do at delivery of the item:
When the courier will deliver the items, the customer  must verify that the parcel is intact, undamaged and conforms to the standard features of a parcel.
Any problem or suspect of damage must be promptly raised to the carrier by signing with "specific reserve for damage finding". In the absence of such an indication, the product will be  deemed by our company to be delivered correctly and intact.
CHEBIKE SRL shall be free from any liability for loss or damage to the goods from the time it is accepted by the customer  without reserve to the carrier for carriage.


Terms & Conditions





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